Small Beginnings

The mountain-town of Lestranna used to be a small, out of the way location that few save the townspeople and occasional merchants ever visited. And then the Air Corps of King Eric Holden arrived, transforming the town into a forward operations base capable of supplying and housing troops for the king’s northern expansion force.

Fast forward two years. The expansion campaign is going well for Holden’s armies, and Lestranna has now transformed into a thriving metropolis. New housing and inns have sprung up, trading companies have set up shops in town, and a large silver mine has been located near the city. Lestranna has quickly become a central location for trade in the area, mostly due to the fact that the Air Corps trading vessels have recognized the city as an important stop on their northern trade route. The city is a traders haven, providing the security of a walled mountain-top city while still being accessible by airship.

And yet, all is not well in Lestranna.

King Holden has a habit of taking over small towns for purposes of his expansion campaigns, turning those towns into thriving cities, and then leaving them to fall apart once his armies have moved on. The people of the Kingdom of Cadonel are growing tired with Holden’s antics, and many grumble that Holden must focus on what he does have before Cadonel runs out of food, gold, and sons.

Nowhere is this feeling stronger than in Lestranna.

The Arrogance of Kings